We provide a safe, convenient and affordable method of removing waste!

At Kent and Sussex Recycling, we have a whole array of skip sizes available to suit almost any need. From 6 yard skips up to 40 yard, we are able to provide prompt skip delivery at affordable prices.

If you are unsure of which skip size is best suited to your requirements, please see our detailed descriptions below or get in touch!

Metal or Waste Skip Hire Available!

No Collection Charges

We do not charge to pick up your skip or container.

6-40 Yard Containers

We provide a whole range of different skips because we know that every job is different.

Factory Collections

We don’t just do domestic, but offer you commercial hire for your company.

Our Skips and Containers

We know that every job is different, which is why we provide a whole range of different skips, whether you need domestic skip hire or commercial skip hire.

Not sure on what you need? Call our friendly, expert team today.

10 Cubic Yard Skip

8’W x 4’H x 12’L

Used for small heavy metals such as:

  • Steel machine punchings
  • Small, heavy gauge steel plate
  • Large quantities of nuts and bolts
  • Sealed compressor units

20 Cubic Yard Container

8’W x 5’H x 15’L

Used for less compact heavy gauge metal such as:

  • Short lengths of heavy gauge pipe
  • Short lengths of angle iron
  • Short lengths of I beam
  • Short lengths of bundled rebar
  • Brake drums and rotors

30 Cubic Yard Container

8’W x 6’H x 18’L

Used for larger pieces of heavier metal such as:

  • Automotive rear ends
  • Loose rebar
  • Lighter gauge steel skeleton plate (busheling)
  • Pallet racking
  • Aluminum motors and transmissions
  • Steel and aluminum wheels

40 Cubic Yard Container

8’W x 7’H x 20’L

Typically used for lighter gauge, higher volume metal such as:

  • Lawn mowers (drained of all fluids)
  • Car hoods or doors
  • Aluminum skeleton plate
  • Corrugated steel roofing
  • Store shelving


Hire a waste skip for your domestic or commercial use today! – Give us a call

Whatever your needs, we offer a full range of skip sizes, from small skips all the way up to 40 yard containers. We also offer quick delivery & collection options from your site. We understand that reliability has a big impact on any project, which is why our team work closely with you to ensure constant communication whilst bringing you great value and an efficient service.

How Long Can I Keep My Metal Skip?

The quicker the turn around the better! Simply liaise with our team at the time of booking and we will have the skip with you for as long as you need.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

The price is based according to the grade, weight and present material value. The moment your metal skip is brought back on site it will be weighed by our industry calibrated scales, after determining the weight a ticket will be printed for our records and a price attached corresponding to the daily price of the material. Just order your skip or container, fill it up and we’ll do the rest.